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Spirit of Air is a melee damage dealer that does not have a large health pool but makes up for it in strong hits and movement. The character's abilities allow it to position well for attacks and then retreat or to move between multiple targets. It relies on abilities that charge its future attacks so after staying back for a couple of turns it can unleash the full power of its attacks. Spirit of Air controls the airflow on the field 

of battle. Its unique passive ability gives it a chance to redirect any ranged projectile aimed at a target within short range from the elemental. It can redirect it back at the enemies or onto another character to redistribute damage. This passive provides defensive capabilities to the whole group while adding damage.

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Spirit of Air can evolve to make even more use of its positioning and its main passive. In physical world the talents are focused on extra movement after killing an enemy, adding a push effect to long range movements and empowering redirect - adding extra damage when redirecting allies' attacks.

In spirit world the talents are focused on defence. Giving the ability to gain extra shields and share them with allies. Spirit of Air is an invaluable member of the group that can strike fast and hard on unexpecting enemies. With the passive protecting the group from ranged attacks and talents focusing on defence in spirit world, Air can be helpful in many difficult situations and get the team out of trouble.

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